About the designer

Hi, I'm Renaldi..

Owner, designer and creative director from Resolution Creative. In 2012 I decided to leave my world of 8hours-sleep-a-night behind for the life of a designer. That was the year I enrolled in the North-West University to start my journey to constant creativity. Little did I know, at that stage, that very long nights and seemingly shorter days would be my future for a good several years. If I have to bare my sole I’d have to say, I went through a phase or two where I was completely miserable, down-right regretting the decision I made back in 2012. BUT it was in these moments where I found the strength I have today that bought Resolution Creative to life.

I grew up in a family where achieving something, big or small, is rewarded. It is a guideline that started to become part of me. Achieve something and be rewarded, chase a dream and you will love what you do and you would want to do it more, bigger and better. My mother (small and petite, but not to be underestimated because of the immense strength she gets from our heavenly Father) and my dad (Smart and driven, with the best Entrepreneurial mind I have seen in a long time) set the perfect balance I needed to shape me as the woman I am today.

Today I am a woman that loves to see things grow from something small into something your heart imagined. I love the look on clients faces when things start to become a reality, that moment when all of the planning and hard work falls into place. It’s those moments that drive me. With a background in graphic design my interests have shifted to the business side of things, the challenges clients face to get from a business idea, to the launch. I fell in love with that process, every decision, every component, and every check list.

I look forward in seeing that look on your face!